The Master degree in Environmental and Food Economics (EFE) is an internationally oriented high-quality programme designed to provide students with both an excellent academic background and a practical attitude. The degree guarantees a promising outlook for a future professional career in today’s challenging fields of the economics of sustainability and of the management of the agri-food system.

The relationship between the environment, natural resources, and the agri-food system plays a central role in the development of modern societies.

The issues of sustainable economic development, the management of natural and energy resources, and the sustainability of the agri-food system represent new economic and policy challenges.
The Master degree in Environmental and Food Economics provides the conceptual and analytical tools for participants to be able to address those challenges.

Advanced expertise in economics and business administration and management, quantitative methods, and specific theoretical and applied knowledge in environmental and natural resources economics and in the economics and management of the agri-food system is provided.

The aim is to equip students with a solid understanding of the instruments to promote: sustainable economic development, the management of natural resources (water, soil, energy), environmental and energy policies, working of the agri-food system, innovation in the agri-food sector, internationalization of agri-food companies, food safety and rural development.

The Master degree in Environmental and Food Economics, for combining the economics of environment and of agri-food, for the choice and content of its courses, and for being taught entirely in English, represents a novelty in the Italian university system.

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