EFE Alumni

EFE Alumni is the Environmental and Food Economics students’ association, founded in 2017 by two students and two graduates of the EFE master degree.

The Association is non-profit and apolitical, and aims to:

  • create a vibrant network of students and ex-students of the EFE master degree, along with professors, scholars and professionals who are employed in the social, economical, environmental and agri-food sectors;
  • create a reference point for all EFE graduates who face the labour market and seek for job opportunities;
  • organize events to connect members and non-members, and promote the EFE master degree;
  • organize open events and conferences in order to promote sustainable lifestyles and behaviours;
  • organize training courses that provide members with practical skills to face the challenges posed by the University and the labour market.

The Association is constantly searching for new ideas and opportunities.


If want to subscribe, or you feel like you can contribute, don’t hesitate to contact the Association!


Giulia Cordua
Giulia Cordua

I’m Giulia, 27 yo and just graduated from EFE master degree. I like chocolate, pilates, math and DIY-projects.

I chose the EFE master degree because I wanted to enrich my background in Food Science and Catering with some knowledge in economics, math and sustainability.

I chose EFE also because it’s entirely taught in English and I believe it’s the best decision one could make to reach the global labour market.

I spent six months in the Netherlands with the Erasmus + programme and it was the best! I got to live alone, know a lot of people, experience a different education system… and I had fun!! EFE Alumni is possibly the best platform to keep in touch with your peers and exchange ideas, while growing personally and professionally.

Gaia Giulia Di Girolamo
Gaia Di Girolamo

My name is Gaia Di Girolamo, I am 25 yo and I’ve recently graduated in EFE. My strong interest in Environmental issues made my enrollment in this master course inevitable.

I believe it was the best choice I could ever take. I was very grateful to have the possibility to study topics I am very passionate about every day.

Moreover, spending 6 months in the Netherlands for my Erasmus was one of the best experiences in my life and it increased my desire to discover the world.

I love traveling and the more I travel, the more I understand there so much I still don’t know. Sharing, discussing and connecting with people is the best way to never stop learning and growing. I strongly believe that EFE Alumni Association is a great chance for students to create a valuable network where ideas and opportunities can be shared.

Simone Sfiller
Simone Sfiller

I’m Simone, 26 yo from Mantova. I grew up in a little village in the countryside where my family has a farm with fields, wine, cows and many other animals.

I like nature and the environment, swimming by the sea or the lake, climbing mountains and Crossfit. I like good and healthy food and I love to cook (my grandma taught me well!).

Since I was a boy I helped out in my family farm, then I worked in a food production industry, and now I bartend in a restaurant and night club in the City Center.

I decided to study Environmental and Food Economics to increase my knowledge about the agri-food chain and its economical, social and environmental consequences. This association represents the possibility to work together as a team, in order to leave the world better than we found it.