Environmental and food economics
An internationally oriented high-quality programme designed to provide students with both an excellent academic background and a practical attitude.

Educational activities, exams, graduation sessions, internships, postgraduate programmes, laboratory activities, international exchanges and work-study programmes, library services and more: find out in detail what changes from November 6 to December 3, following the Prime Minister's Decree of November 3, 2020.

2020-21 Student Survey

We have launched the student survey for the 2020-21 academic year.

You can access the questionnaires from your Unimia page (box “Exams and Student Opinion”).

For information on the survey, visit the dedicated page Course evaluation questionnaire.

Job Announcement

La Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente ha pubblicato sul proprio sito un annuncio di lavoro nell'ambito della PIANIFICAZIONE REGIONALE DEL PIANO REGIONALE DI BONIFICA DELLE AREE INQUINATE (PRB). Con il Decreto Regionale n.9883 del 04/07/2019 la Direzione Generale Ambiente e Clima di Regione Lombardia ha approvato l’accordo di collaborazione tra Regione e la Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente per attività di studio e ricerca per l’attuazione degli obiettivi di pianificazione regionale del Piano Regionale di Bonifica delle aree inquinate (PRB). Si valutano candidature - anche neolaureati - provenienti da differenti aree di studio e ricerca, pertanto non solo quelle indicate tra i requisiti.

Preliminary information on course delivery modes and first-year student welcome activities.

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Programme quality
Find out what it is and how to participate

Students and teachers participate in programme quality policies through regular monitoring and assessment activities based on indicators provided by the Ministry of Education (MIUR).

As Quality Assurance policies and procedures are student-centred. Inline with this the University has provided a training course divided into 4 modules for the students of the University.

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