Stage and Internships

EFE Stage

The Study Plan includes 3 ECTS to be collected attending a Stage or Internship activity:

  • Internal Internship/Thesis
  • External Internship/Thesis

These activities are usually connected to the Thesis, in which the student describes the work carried out and the results obtained.

Depending on the type of thesis, internal or external, the student will carry out the internship within the University Department or the external firm/office.

For more information, see the EFE Student'S Guide, under Stage/Intership.

Programme Contacts

EFE Secretariat
Mon – Fri
10-12 am and 2.30-4 pm
Telephone +39 02 503 16475 / +39 02 503 16486

General information (COSP)

An internship (or traineeship) is a training experience encompassing different options:

  • Students can participate in curricular internship/work placement
  • Those who have completed their study programme not more than 12 months ago can do extracurricular internships/traineeships.

The Cosp manages setup procedures for internships in public and private companies and institutions aimed at enrolled students, graduands and postgraduates.

How to find a stage opportunity

Students can either select one of the available internship positions on the University noticeboard or find an internship by themselves.
In any case they must follow procedures established by the Study and Career Guidance Centre (COSP).